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International Tea Day and the 4 Special Benefits it Brings Us All

Falling on May 21st this year is a pivotal date in any tea lover's diary - International Tea Day. To commemorate this occasion, we asked the important question, "What does tea mean to you?" with some colourful insights from tea lovers all around the world. Scroll below to also see a few handpicked favourites from the SaChasi collection, as chosen by tea blogger, Phoebe ☕

Can you think of anything that brings people together better than tea? I can’t. Tea is the drink of the people. Want to nip around your friend’s house? Have a quick cup of tea. Need to wake yourself up on a morning? Have a cup of tea. Want five minutes of peace? Lock yourself in the bathroom, get that phone on aeroplane mode, take a few breaths and have a cup of tea!

In many ways, tea has become a staple in our lives and in our social culture. It’s the drink that gets us ready for our day; it’s the drink that we have a catch-up over; it’s the drink that regrounds us and provides some much-needed comfort. And when you delve as deep as I have, you learn so many amazing things.

When I was speaking to my Mum recently, she asked me what tea meant to me and what I got out of doing all of my little tea projects. The answer is a short one: I love tea. It’s like a little escape from life. It gives me a little oasis of calm, and it is ingrained in my routine (I’m not sure I could function without it!) There is so much to learn, and there is just something about the culture around tea that is, inherently, social.

After this chat with my Mum, and with International tea day coming up, this question was something I wanted to ask my tea friends and I’m super excited to share their thoughts with all of you for this very special occasion!

1) Tea Boosts Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Tea is fantastic for your mental health and I don’t have words for how much it has helped me. (Actually… thinking about it, I do - check out my April blog post for my thoughts.) I’m not the only one who thinks this. Tea brings so many a sense of peace that is so important in our busy lives. Below you'll find quotes from other tea enthusiasts all over the world, explaining in-depth why they drink the famous beverage:

“I drink tea because it calms my anxiety” - Sara (Instagram: saraisawake)
“I love tea because it helps me focus and calms me down. It’s also delicious!” - Manya (Instagram: inves_tea_gator)
“I drink tea because I find it relaxing (or energising depending on what I need), but it's nice to take a few minutes out of the day to just brew and enjoy it” - Kiera (Instagram: kierabrews)
“I drink tea because it helps my anxiety and stress, it tastes great, and it's a drink that I grew up with” - Hannah (Instagram: hannahtheteaqueen)

2) Tea Reflects Culture & Ritual

For quite a few, tea is something they grew up with, it’s part of a routine that was established as part of their family culture. It’s a wonderful part of growing up.

“I drink tea as it's something I was brought up with. Drinking hot drinks was always a normality, in the morning, 11am, mid-afternoon and even evening. After dinner, my dad would ask my mum if there was any pud (which there barely ever was! And he doesn't even have that much of a sweet tooth) he'd always have a cheeky little "cor, I could just go for something", whether there was or not, the kettle was always put on. It reminds me of home, it's part of my daily routine and during lockdown the routine and time making a cup of tea in all honesty gave me a stability and reason to get out of bed.”- Lucy (Instagram: pickle.tea)
“Old fashioned tea drinking from a young age with older generations in our family” - The Teabees (Instagram: theteabeesuk)
“I’ve drunk tea since I was a little kid. Drinking tea reminds me to take time for myself.” - Lisa (Instagram: scottish_tea_enthusiast)

3) Tea Can Transport Us

Tea gives us this unique opportunity to learn. With a cup of tea, you are presented with a way to discover, connect and reconnect with different customs. The heritage and history around tea are so rich, and there is always something new to learn. This is one of the things that makes tea so special.

“I drink Japanese tea almost exclusively and it's because it helps me to connect with Japan, transporting me there momentarily, when I can't travel there in person. Reconnecting to my favourite travel memories brings me a sense of peace and a moment of calm.” - Natalie (Instagram: sakura_sister)
“Tea has always been part of my Chinese culture. When I drink tea, it instantly puts me in a good mood makes me learn about my culture and through Instagram it's allowed me to connect with so many like-minded people...also did I mention tea just tastes so good? There’s so much to discover!” - Sewwie (Instagram: sewwie.tea)
“I drink tea because it’s delicious, what isn’t to love? I love the history, culture & community it has behind it & to be a part of that is just so wonderful. I also drink tea because of the masses if health benefits it holds & can allow me to live a more holistic lifestyle.” - Lucy (Instagram: spilltheteawithlucy)

4) Tea Provides a Social Focus

Finally, tea is social. Kirsty sums up this experience perfectly.

“I drink tea for a whole realm of reasons but mostly for the simple and uncomplicated reason that I love it. I don’t remember not drinking tea, but it wasn’t until I went away to university that I started dabbling in different flavours and blends, and my enthusiasm has grown from there. I like that tea can be both academically complex and interesting when you want it to be, and it can also be the simple pleasure of having a warm, tasty drink in your hands. It’s also sociable and relatable and something I’ve really gained and value from tea is membership of a community that is accepting, inviting and just wants to share a good brew and a natter.” - Kirsty (Instagram: journalofcuriousthings)

I absolutely love that tea means so much - and means many different things - to people. It's what makes this much-loved beverage something truly special to hold in both heart and cup.

Thank you to all the tea fanatics who contributed to this post - you’re such amazing people!

What does tea mean to you? Do you agree with any of the above reasons, or do you have something new to add? Comment below and let us know.


A Few Favourites From The SaChasi Collection

In this world of tea discovery, I wanted to share with you some SaChasi blends I discovered recently and loved! So, over on my Instagram page, I took on the huge task of trying every single blend of SaChasi teas in seven days and here are my favourites and some of my thoughts:

Chewy Toffee Popcorn

This is the taste of toffee popcorn without any of the awkwardness of unpopped corn - winner! This tea has such a full, nutty flavour which is just wonderful. Paired with richness from the chopped dates and the desiccated coconut, it's utterly wonderful in its toffee sweetness.

Click to go to Chewy Toffee Popcorn's Product Page

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

Beautifully smooth, nicely balanced on the spice with sweet caramelly notes - this tea is a winner. It also has some delicately fruity notes with the apple and orange peel that is just delightful. An autumn/winter warmer if ever I did see one!

Note: this blend is seasonal and runs from autumn through to spring

Mango Ice Cream

This tea is incredible! It's creamy, fruity, sweet and incredibly refreshing. The flavours match so incredibly well, it's just so tasty. I love how the fruity, sweet mango just melts into that Milky Oolong.

Click to go to Mango Ice Cream's Product page

*If you want to know more about me, or my reviews of SaChasi’s teas, please check them out here:

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