Chewy Toffee Popcorn

Chewy Toffee Popcorn


Both crunchy and sticky sweet, this toffee-glazed popcorn blend is an absolute taste sensation. Reimagined with Genmaicha and Ceylon black tea, its moreish flavour is so irresistible, you'll almost certainly need an extra large cup to pass around!

"The naturally-occurring active properties in this tea help to keep skin smooth, plump and clear"

- Natural & Organic Ingredients
- 100% Plant-Based & Vegan
- Free-From Refined Sugars & Sweeteners


**NEW coloured eco pouch with window is fully recyclable. 50g serves approximately 20-25 cups of tea**

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  • Ingredients

    Genmaicha, chopped dates (rice flour), carob powder, chicory, cacao husks, desiccated coconut, orange pekoe, blackberry leaves, raw stevia, green tea matcha, sunflower petals and natural flavouring

  • What is "Stevia" Powder?

    "Green stevia powder contains the natural sweetener, Stevisoid, and is made from the leaves of the Vietnamese stevia plant. These leaves are harvested, dried and ground down to form a powder. No purification processes are taken during the production of stevia powder, leaving it completely natural." 



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