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At SaChasi, we wish to infuse pleasure into every cup, which is why we use a wonderful array of exciting ingredients to curate a range of uniquely flavoursome teas. However, due to these unique ingredients, there is always a slight chance that the blends contain allergen items. Many of these are only trace level and once they are infused into a cup of tea these ingredients are very low.

For your reference, every product description page has an itemised box listing all of the ingredients used to create the tea. So, if you're ever unsure, then please refer to this list located beneath the image of your selected tea. Our tea packaging itself also always lists every ingredient in the blend and highlights any allergen items in bold, such as nuts or gluten.

PLEASE BE AWARE, our teas are handcrafted and hand packed in the UK in a small environment that handles many different blending ingredients. Although no SaChasi blend itself is actively created using  soy, peanuts, sesame seeds, wheat or sulphites, we cannot fully guarantee no cross-contamination. Every care is taken to prevent this occurrence, but all blends may still contain traces of these ingredients.

In the interest of our customers, all kitchen staff have also obtained a Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety For Catering certification. This is a standard which will be upheld and maintained at all times. And, every 3 years, this training will be revisited and renewed, to ensure that this level is always being met.

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