Super Berry Brownies

Super Berry Brownies

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Bite into a soft chocolate sponge with a fruit-filled gooey centre and succumb to a taste experience like never before. These famous fudgy squares have been recaptured as a refreshing green tea, bursting with wild berries and blended with decadent swirls of cacao.


Tasting Notes: Chocolate, fruity, vegetal

Benefits: "The natural qualities within this blend are beneficial for hydrating, plumping and enhancing a youthful glow to the complexion"

- All Natural Ingredients
- 100% Vegan & Plant-Based
- Free-From Refined Sugars & Sweeteners

  • Ingredients

    Sencha green tea, schisandra powder, cacao husks, goji berries, chokeberry (aronia), cacao nibs, freeze-dried strawberries, rose buds, cacao powder, violets  and natural flavouring

    May Contain Traces of Nuts & Other Allergens

    • Schisandra should not be used by pregnant women as it is a uterine stimulant. 
    • Cacao contains naturally occurring caffeine, which can negatively affect sleep.
  • What is "Schisandra Powder"?

    "Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) is a plant whose deep red berries have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. Schisandra is a deciduous climbing vine native to China and Russia that thrives in almost all types of soils.'

    "Schisandra berries have been used in Chinese medicine for several thousand years. Schisandra is known for their adaptogen properties. This means that it assists the systems in the body by adapting to stressors and achieving the balance of health."