Artisan Superblends

SaChasi's luxurious infusions are specially curated to deliver an exquisite aromatic taste, remaining true to their sumptuous dessert flavour, whilst also being extraordinarily nourishing to the skin, courtesy of a nutrient-rich base made entirely from nature's finest plants & superfoods.

Experience utter ambrosia with every single delicious sip, absolutely guilt-free.


You can have it all.

✾ Premium-Quality Loose-Leaf  Teas  

✾ Purely Plant-Based 

✾ All Natural Flavours

✾ Beautifying Organic Superfood Composition

✾ Ethically Sourced Ingredients

✾ Free-From Refined Sugars, Sweeteners & Artificial Preservatives

Best Sellers

Rich & Enriching

Which flavour is tempting you..?


"Lovely, lovely teas. The high-quality ingredients and benefits of them have been a godsend. Definitely would recommend."

Francesca W.

Discover more about how tea, wellness & beauty are all akin, and how optimum health can be achieved with nature's helping hand



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