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6 of Mother Nature's Most Anti-Ageing Superfruits

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Learn about nature's most prestigious of fruits and how their powdered form can beautify your skin and also improve your overall health.

Psst, raw chocolate is included! Read on to find out what it can do for you...

1. Acai

Blueberry’s sweet yet tart relative, antioxidant-dense Acai, are native to the Amazon. These wonder-berries are loaded with powerful plant compounds that have incredible benefits for the skin. Their high contents of vitamins, minerals and amino acids work together to maintain skin’s hydration, texture and resilience, and also help creates an overall supple radiant appearance. They’re even attributed to improving brain, heart and overall health. Add a spoonful to a smoothie for an earthy kick or try it in our “Maple Acai Waffles" rooibos superblend and indulge yourself completely guilt-free.

2. Baobab

It seems fairly ironic that this tangy, citrus superfruit is formed from the African “upside-down tree”. The reason being that the Baobab, much like Acai, possesses strong antioxidant properties (especially glow-enhancing vitamin C) which helps the body form elastin and collagen, ultimately keeping the skin plump and firm. Fresh, tight and radiant skin awaits with as little as 2 teaspoons a day! Discover its unique flavour in our revitalising “Fresh & Fruity Sorbet” green tea.

3. Elderberry

Nature’s ultimate beauty booster, the Elderberry, has a whole host of incredible benefits. First and foremost, its high levels of vitamin A mean that this berry has a wonderful ability to renew the skin. This is because Vitamin A, also known as “retinol”, is responsible for increasing cell turnover – a natural exfoliating process which keeps the skin clear and bright. Elderberries may also soothe the skin, ease the appearance of age spots, and also prevent or lessen wrinkles. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to our delectable elixir, “Honeyed Elderberry Delight” for a divine blend of fruits and florals, and see what benefits you’ll experience!

4. Lucuma

Often likened to sweet potato in appearance and butterscotch in taste, the South American born Lucuma is a true sweet sensation! Not only does the Lucuma fruit taste phenomenal, it’s also full of beta-carotene. This dynamic carotenoid, once converted into Vitamin A in our bodies, stimulates the reparation of cells and their growth, inevitably improving skin tone, healing wounds, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and promoting smooth, supple, radiant skin. A true “one size fits all” fruit. Add Lucuma powder to your regime the easy way with our broad range of beautifying brews and reap the multitude of skin-repairing rewards.

5. Cacao

Delicious and nutritious! Cacao, which is made by cold-pressing un-roasted cacao beans, isn’t only full of rich, chocolatey flavour, it’s also loaded with magnesium, fibre, heart-healthy flavonols and a high level of antioxidants. This complementary combination protects and repairs the skin from damage and premature ageing, and as a powerful anti-inflammatory, it’s also impressively soothing for redness and blemishes. Improving the complexion couldn’t be tastier! So immerse your senses in utter decadence with our “Mint Cacao Creme” or "Creamy Banoffee Pie" and watch how your skin rewinds back to youth with every cup.

6. Carob

Last, but by very no means least – the carob fruit. Although the carob tree is native to the Mediterranean, it can also be found in parts of North America too, after being brought over in the 19th century. The powder itself comes from the ground pods of said carob tree (its seeds, however, need to be removed before this powder is made) and is absolutely full of skin-smoothing Vitamin E. This essential vitamin is great for keeping both skin and hair in tip-top condition, and is quite notorious for fighting wrinkles. The secret is out! Keep your complexion healthy and your tastebuds happy with a cup of our “Sticky Caramel Slice” rooibos tea. This heavenly carob infusion will have you floating on air…

Experience the benefits of these superfruits in our indulgent, yet super healthy, tea blends. Click here to see the full range

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