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Get Smarter, Fitter & Younger With Green Tea (Plus 6 Other Surprising Health Benefits)

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Improve yourself inside and out, with a helping hand from the almighty Green Tea.

For centuries, people have enjoyed green tea – a flavorful beverage made by harvesting the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant (a small shrub native to East Asia and India) But, even by today’s measures, this refreshing tea continues to surprise the world with its wealth of benefits.

Prepare to be amazed. The rewards you could reap by simply sipping a cup or more a day are immense…

  1. FAT BURNING AND ENERGISING – Green tea contains caffeine, which is good for mobilising the fatty acids in the tissues. The body can then use these as a means of energy and, in turn, increase physical performance. Also, green tea drinkers have been found to burn up to an extra 100-200 calories per 24-hour period, compared to non-tea drinkers, because of how the flavanoids and caffeine it contains work at elevating your metabolic rate. Making this the perfect drink to get the most out of any workout.

  2. BRAIN BUILDING – Because of said caffeine, green tea helps keep you alert and enables the improvement of brain function; such as with memory, concentration, vigilance and mood. Plus, with the help of amino acid, L-theanine, which is also found in green tea, it is able to increase these positive effects, working in synergy with the caffeine to unlock your brain’s full potential.

  3. FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH – A huge benefit of green tea is how jam-packed with antioxidants it is. Their role in the body helps prevent oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which can be found in our environment (e.g. air pollutants, X-Rays, cigarette smoke etc.) Because of this, green tea helps reduce any cellular damage and premature ageing, as well as a few other health perks…

  4. BACTERIA KILLER – Soldier-like compounds known as “catechins” are found in green tea which kills bacteria and stops viruses from entering your body. Several medicinal studies since the 1990s support this notion, showing that green tea consumption decreases the infection rates of flu and some cold symptoms, and that gargling with tea catechin may also protect against flu’s development. Ultimately, boosting your immune system and lessening your likelihood of getting struck down by infections. A bonus feature of these catechins is something your dentist will love, as they annihilate the bacteria “Streptococcus Mutans”, known for making plaque on the teeth, inevitably leading to tooth decay and cavities. But thanks to this compound inhibiting the bacteria’s growth, improved dental health and super fresh breath will give you something to smile about.

  5. REDUCES RISK OF DISEASES – Thanks to the aforementioned antioxidants, green tea is also renowned for reducing the risk of disease, for example, certain cancers, which are caused by a mutation of cells. Free radical/oxidative damage contributes to this development, so drinking green tea is a good preventative measure to safeguard your body.

  6. Also, catechins are very protective of neurons, which can reduce the likelihood of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

  7. Green tea is also brilliant at improving insulin sensitivity and reducing blood sugar levels, which means the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is massively lowered.

  8. Lastly, it protects the ol’ ticker! By protecting the LDL Cholesterol from oxidation and lowering total cholesterol, the risk of getting certain cardiovascular diseases is diminished.

  9. INCREASES LIFE! – Because of green tea’s ability to reduce risks of obesity, heart issues, viral infections etc. it only makes sense that those who drink green tea are more likely to live to a ripe old age. Just ask the Okinawan’s. Drinking green tea is an essential part of their lifestyle and many of the island's residents even live into their 100’s!

Who’d have thought one little cup could work such wonders? Be aware though, there is no “one cup fits all” with green tea. If you want to know more about this drink but don’t know where to start, Sencha or Bancha are good beginner’s sips. Try Bancha if you prefer a sweet nutty flavour. For a more refreshing vegetal note, Sencha’s your go-to. Scroll through the SaChasi tea range for some inspirational ideas…

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