Honeyed Elderberry Delight

Honeyed Elderberry Delight


Golden nectar coats every leaf in this Sencha green tea, complemented by a bouquet of fragrant florals and a basket of forest fruits, finished off with crushed elderberries. It’s the ultimate elixir of youth & health.


An all-round perfect choice for boosting vitality and well-being, with the added benefits of hydrating, plumping, detoxifying, smoothing and enhancing a natural glow to the complexion. 


  • All Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Vegan
  • Free of gluten, nuts and soy
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  • Ingredients

    Sencha green tea, elderberry powder, dried apple, rose buds, freeze-dried blueberries, rosehips, hibiscus, blackberry leaves, raisins, sweet violets, blue cornflowers and natural flavouring

  • What is "Elderberry" Powder?

    "Delicious, full-bodoes and tangy tasting, the Elderberry has been used as a herbal remedy by the indigenous tribes of North America for centuries. It is even noted by Ancient Greek Physician, Hippocrates, as the "medicine chest" for its multipurpose healing properties. 

    In order to process these deep purple-coloured berries into a pure powder, the cultivated elderberries are picked at peak maturity and air-dried, before being stone ground into a fine powder."



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